Thursday, July 07, 2005


After several days of immense positivity now this. A horrific, scary day during which my thoughts are with friends and families of those affected.

It feels inappropriate to attempt any kind of analysis of this right now. On a personal level, I would simply add that, whilst stranded in Kings Cross unable to get any form of transport, I was horrified and disgusted to be kicked out of The Pakenham Arms pub for not spending enough money on drinks, even after I had offered to buy not just more drink but also food. This was so far from the kind of attitude that would have been appropriate on such an unpleasant day. Given the advice of the Metropolitan Police at that stage, it was irresponsible. All I wanted to do was watch the news until further advice was available. It was certainly not necessary for the landlord to be verbally abusive when I'd caused no trouble whatsoever.

Outside, there was an eerily calm atmosphere by this stage, and plenty of people helped out to point me in the right direction home. This openness and friendliness made me feel more comfortable and secure.

It would only have taken some minor differences in timings for me to be caught up at the scene in Kings Cross, which is a deeply terrifying thought. This evening, whilst by no means surprised, I am stunned, numb and concerned for the future.

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