Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Drawing the Curtain on 2005

In a bid to start work on my final albums of the year list, I've updated my 2005 tracking list over at Rate Your Music.


I've seen a number of bloggers claim that 2005 has been a disappointing musical year. How, exactly? To my mind, there's been a wealth of excellent releases, with some artists even having more than one entry in the list (Iron and Wine, King Creosote, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Howling Hex etc). I'm still not sure how the final top 75 will end up, but it's certain that a number of really good albums are going to miss out completely.

October and November always seem to bring gems - the new Broken Social Scene album on import, the excellent Wilco and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy live albums. The Nine Horses album is really interesting - a late bid for the top 10 perhaps?

The Top 75 will come just before Christmas, along with the singles and films of the year as well.

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