Thursday, January 26, 2006

Whose Space?!

I know I'm behind the times on this one, but I've only in the past couple of months discovered the joys of networking site My Space. For those blog readers out there who can also be found there, here are some recommended URLs from artists who have featured here, or no doubt will in the near future.

Hot Chip (

Elysian Quartet (

Bishi (http//

Colonel Bastard (

Jeremy Warmsley (

Tom Rogerson (

Paris Motel (

Veto Silver (

Um (

Applicants (

Screamer On The Hill (

Adrian Roye (

Twisted Charm (

Bosh! at the Barfly (

Last but not least, two of my own projects:

Unit ( - 'Funk-inflected post-punk' according to Time Out's listings - for once a surprisingly accurate description

Maladaption ( - Jazz/Rock fusion

Some web commentators have reacted with suspicion over News International's recent announcement that they will be launching a UK version of the site and working closely with ITV's flagship music show CD:UK to promote new acts. The nerves are understandable - traditionally My Space has interfered very little in how its users make use of it, simply responding to requests for new functions wherever possible. Essentially, bands have been able to use it to promote themselves - now News International plans to exert a little more selective editorial influence. We'll see what the results are - and whether any of these acts make it on to CD:UK as a result!

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