Thursday, April 06, 2006


What in the name of Morrissey have they done to Uncut magazine? I know that relaunches and redesigns are considered essential to maintain interest (and sales) in the ever-shifting media landscape (or something like that) but what is this? A horribly cheesy 'Passion of Morrissey' cover with Steven Patrick himself radiating a heavenly glow; a logo clearly striving to look classy but actually looking cheap and nasty; a facsimile of the free CD behind the actual mounted CD which takes up a third of the available cover space; redesigned sections with more pictures and less text; lumbering new releases and reissues together in an 'expanded' review section (which also rips off the horrible 'top 10' idea from the Observer Music Monthly) and to top it off a supposedly improved film section which contains not even half the number of reviews as usual. It doesn't exactly leap from the shelves anymore!

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A Paton rant.