Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Alternative Mercury Shortlist

OK, I've made some predictions and selections, now I've thought of my ideal alternative shortlist. Please note that I'm actually pleased at the nominations for Amy Winehouse and Basquiat Strings, but I didn't want this list to overlap in any way with the official one, so neither are included here. Also, I don't go for tokenism, so I haven't restricted myself to one jazz entry.

1.Broken Family Band - Hello Love (superior guitar based indie-pop - only those completely ignorant of musical history would take The View over this gem).
2.Fraud - Fraud (very impressive debut, some gritty improv and hard riffing)
3.Finn Peters - Su-Ling (deliciously swinging)
4.Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur (atmospheric, subtle, evocative)
5. Dani Siciliano - Slappers (inventive production, clever songs)
6. Alasdair Roberts - The Amber Gatherers (warm and affecting Scottish folk)
7. Xela - The Dead Sea (innovative use of sound and texture, very striking, disturbing in places)
8. Jeremy Warmsley - The Art Of Fiction (independent, bedroom-produced pop)
9. Curios - Hidden (The Art of the Trio)
10.Ryan Teague - Coins and Crosses (intriguing mix of very early and very contemporary influences, passed me by last September unfortunately)
11.The Long Blondes - Someone To Drive You Home (more superior indie-pop)
12. Kode 9 and Spaceape - Memories of the Future (intoxicating, strange, disorientating, dubby)

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