Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Playlist

I'll write something again soon, I promise, but in the absence of any new critical thinking, here's another one of those lists to remind me what's around:

Bat For Lashes - Two Suns
Fever Ray - Fever Ray
Pet Shop Boys - Yes
The Decemberists - Hazards of Love (still trying to formulate an opinion on this!)
Hildur Gudnadottir - Without Sinking
Bill Callahan - Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle (one of his best as far as I'm concerned)
Doves - Kingdom of Rust
Branford Marsalis - Metamorphosen
Tom Cawley and Kit Downes - Homely
Flower-Corsano Duo - The Four Aims
Chris Batchelor, Steve Buckley, Myra Melford - Big Air
Staff Benda Bilili - Tres Tres Fort
Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career
Broken Family Band - Please and Thank You
Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe
The Handsome Family - Honey Moon
Wildbirds and Peacedrums - The Snake (finally gets a UK release this week)

Some forthcoming albums I'm excited about:
Alasdair Roberts - Spoils
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
Junior Boys - Begone Dull Care
Jarvis Cocker - Further Complications
Bob Dylan - Together Through Life
Elvis Costello - Secret, Profane and Sugarcane
The Field - Yesterday and Today
Dinosaur Jr. - Farm
Sonic Youth - The Eternal
James Blackshaw - The Glass Bead Game

1 comment:

Adrian said...

I've heard most of the list (still waiting for my copy of the Cawley / Downes) so look forward to your thoughts.

On the forthcoming albums you might want to keep an eye open for the new Cortney Tidwell and Jason Lytle.