Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Missing Links

I've not been writing that much here lately - instead devoting myself to the lovely people over at musicOMH. I thought I'd publish links to some pieces on albums I would have written about here.

Some great music amongst the above - particularly Alasdair Roberts, Matthew Herbert, Luke Abbott, James Blackshaw, Lobi Traore, Afrocubism and the Wyatt, Atzmon and Stephen collaboration.

My stern review of the Sufjan Stevens epic seems to have been a little controversial. I didn't think I was saying anything particularly contentious - but the album appears to have been reviewed very favourably elsewhere and certainly has its passionate defenders. I should point out for the record that I'm certainly not against 'difficult' or ambitious albums - but they have to work artistically. This one, in my view, does not.

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