Saturday, June 04, 2016

Bruce Coventry observations

- Bruce was still struggling with a cold but it didn't seem to matter
- What was going on with his hair?
- It takes huge conviction to walk out to a huge stadium, play a rubato take on For You alone at the piano and then go in to a brooding song like Something In The Night. For me, it worked.
- Bruce was aware of this being a challenging start and worked hard to engage the people 'IN THE STAAAAANDS!'
- The Ricoh is a smaller stadium and this seems to encourage him to take more risks (see also Long Time Comin in 2013). It's weird that I've now heard Save My Love more than, say, My Hometown.
- Save My Love was a comedy of errors, really, but in the best possible way.
- This was one of the best set lists of the tour so far, with thoughtful pacing and strong themes.
- Max Weinberg and Garry Tallent are the core of the E Street Band, play superbly but are mixed unfavourably - horrible hi hat sound throughout and bass almost inaudible. This could and should be easily rectified.
- Voice/throat issues aside, Bruce is in no way done. He is giving everything at these shows. He is the greatest showman out there (especially now Prince has sadly gone).
- Prove It All Night, My Love..., Youngstown and Murder Inc were IMMENSE - great to hear serious playing from Bruce, Nils & Steve
- Is it me or did Bruce just entirely forget to officially end the main set?
- These shows are about his legacy rather than his future, but the songs still sound very much alive.
- The shake-ups in the encore were very welcome and call to omit Bobby Jean tonight the right one - its poignancy would have upset the party mood that took over at the end.
- The acoustic Thunder Road was very emotional, but then it was in 2013 too.
- 'The E Street Band loves you' rather than 'We'll be seein' ya!' - I don't know how much to read in to this, but obviously a future E Street tour can no longer be guaranteed. My view: Barring any more tragedies, they will be back, but not on this scale.

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